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Installation sequence of swivel chair accessories.

Time:2020-7-21 | Shenghao
Swivel chair accessories from top to bottom are: headrest (optional), cushion, back cushion, armrest (optional), chassis, air bar, dust cup, chair foot, caster.

Whether that part of the selection of accessories for a comfortable swivel chair is very important. Among them, the swivel chair tray and butterfly bracket are the most important parts. Choosing a good chassis can make your swivel chair more comfortable.

How to adjust the height of the swivel chair? The general swivel chair has one or two handles, which are used to adjust the seat height. If there is only one handle, just lift the handle up to raise the seat height. If you want to lower it, you need to sit on a chair and lift the handle up. If the swivel chair has two handles, one is for height adjustment and the other for angle adjustment. Just try to distinguish which is the height adjustment, and then adjust it according to the above method.

The claw wheel enables the swivel chair to move on the ground. The five claws are due to the wheel. With the addition of air rod, rotating shaft and other rotating chair accessories, each link is closely linked, and every detail is complementary. Therefore, every swivel chair accessory can not be lacked. Hope to help you.